Uncrackable. Versatile. Outstanding.

Memorize only one password

From now on you will need to remember only one single password - the password which you use to open Password Depot.

Maximum security for your passwords

Your passwords are protected from external access to the best possible extent due to double encryption with AES (Rijndael 256).

Your passwords always with you

You can not only save your passwords locally, but also on a USB device, mobile phone, in the network or on an FTP server.

Numerous awards from security experts

No matter if Computerbild, CHIP or PC Professionell - since 2007 numerous awards have proven the reliability of Password Depot.

All confidential data in one place

Apart from passwords you can e.g. also store your software licenses, documents, TANs and credit cart data in Password Depot.

Enterprise Server for business customers

With Password Depot Enterprise Server you can manage password databases in the network to use them together in a team.

High-performance Enterprise Server!

Manage passwords, documents and other confidential data from one source for your entire operation.

Shared databases:

Use databases collaboratively with all authorized team members.

Departments and groups:

Arrange your users by departments and groups in an transparent manner.


Detailed rights management:

Assign access rights according to databases, folders or single entries.

Intuitive interface:

Thanks to the sophisticated software architecture, you will benefit from Password Depot immediately — without extensive training!

Request a non-committal quote!

We will be happy to provide all information and consulting services.

High-performance Apps for Smartphones!

Use Password Depot on your Android or iOS Smartphone as well. Connect to your Password Depot enterprise server directly from your Smartphone!

dark and light

Multiple award winner!

Our customers as well as the professional trade press are impressed with Password Depot!

Among all tested programs Password Depot (...) offers the highest security standards for passwords." During the extensive practical tests of the Fraunhofer Institute Password Depot "was by far the product to impress most and successfully defended stored passwords against all attacks.

Computer Bild

Fraunhofer Institute on behalf of ComputerBild

Secure and easy - that's only test winner Password Depot. The incomplex and intuitive interface allows even beginners to keep their passwords safe.

Password Manager ist Testsieger!

Comparison testin Chip

AceBIT Password Depot is characterized by comprehensive protection, an intuitive user interface and excellent administrative functions. In the test the network-compatibility and the easy to configure complete-function were convincing as well. Convenient for both private and business users.

Testsieger bei PC PRO

Comparison testin PC Professionell

Password Depot successfully defended itself while being attacked by the experts of the Fraunhofer Institute. All in all, it was the only software which was able to make a good impression when faced with the comprehensive security tests. .

Fraunhofer Institute on behalf of ComputerBild