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Password Depot

Download Password Depot for Android

You can use the Android Market to download and install Password Depot for Android to your mobile phone free of charge.

Android is an operating system and software platform for mobile devices like smartphones, mobile phones and netbooks which is developed by the Open Handset Alliance. Password Depot can be used on any Android device which runs version 2.3 or higher.

Usage notes

Password Depot for Android works with pswx files. You can save your file as a pswx file in Password Depot and then transfer it to your mobile phone.

Version 5: Open your password file and click "Save as" in the main menu and select "Portable Password Files *.pswx" as file format. Note: Afterwards, please close your password file and reopen your normal .psw file in Password Depot!

Version 6: Click Tools/Export and choose the pswx format

Version 7: Click Tools/Export and click on Export to PSWX

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Password Depot for Android does not support all the fields of the desktop version (for example the history, file attachments, icons).

If you have any questions about usage please, contact our support centre or post any queries you may have in our forum.

You can now download the 30 days trial. 
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