Awards & Press Commentaries

Our customers are enthusiastic about Password Depot - the trade press as well! Password Depot has been the test winner in all major comparative tests of leading and reputable journals in recent years.

Netzwelt 5 out of 5 stars from the Networld Editorial Team.
Software.Informer Editor's pick award Five out of five points and award "Editor's pick" in a review at software.informer!

Grade very good in a single test of the PC Magazine, issue 10/2011.

Computer Bild

Password Depot 4 is named großen Vergleichstest der Computer Bild 03/2010 mit der Note 2,62 zum Testsieger gekürt!

Während Mitbewerber wie z.B. test winner in the big comparison test of Computer Bild 03/2010 with a grade of 2.62 !
While competitors such as RoboForm or Keepass only receive a "flawed" due to serious security vulnerabilities , the experts of the Fraunhofer Institute, who have tested on behalf of ComputerBild, write about Password Depot:
"Password Depot (...) offers the greatest security (...) In the practical tests of the Fraunhofer experts, the Password Depot made by far the best figure and defended entered passwords against all attacks carried out, The software was also easier to use than any other test candidate. "


Top grade "Very good", 5/5 points in the individual test of Chip 06/2009:

"A very easy-to-use password safe that securely encrypts sensitive credentials."

soft82 Top rating for Password Depot: 5/5 points from soft82!

Password Depot is named the test winner by the chip in a comparison test !

"Safe and easy - that's just test winner Password Depot, with its straightforward and intuitive interface that allows even beginners to keep their passwords safe."

Giga Marco Kratzenberg from the editors of the portal Giga-Software rated Password Depot as 5 out of 5 stars in a review.
Computer Bild

Password Depot 3 is named Test winner by Computer Bild 01/2008 in a large comparison test with a grade of 2.28!

"Password Depot defended itself well against the attacks of the experts of the Fraunhofer Institute. Alongly, it was the only software in the extensive security tests a good impression. " Passwords and usernames are safe in the test winner. "

PC Professionell

Password Depot is named test winner by PC Professionell in a large comparison test of leading password managers !

"Comprehensive protection, intuitive user guidance, and excellent manageability feature in AceBIT Password Depot, as well as its network capability and easy-to-configure fill-in feature, which are equally suitable for home users and business users alike."

Read the full article (PDF file).


Bestnote von "AceBIT Password Depot reaches a level of perfection that every Password Manager would like to have: easy enough for the beginner and full of useful tools for experienced users."


Password Depot was reviewed on 26.03.2012 by George Norman. Based on the user interface, features and complexity, Findmysoft rated Password Depot 5 out of 5 stars and rated it as "Essential"

Internet Magazin

Top grade from Internet Magazie in a comparison test in issue 07/07 for Password Depot 3!

Chip Online

Top rating for Password Depot 3 by CHIP Online, one of the leading computer websites in Europe!

Softoxi Best rating for Password Depot 6 from Softoxi: "Get your hands on this amazing piece of software and discover how easy it can be to successfully store, manage and organize all of your passwords in a highly secured manner."

Password Depot receives highly recommended by Computerwoche !


Grade good in a single test of the issue 06/07.


Password Depot receives top marks from Tucows, one of the world's largest download libraries, with 5 out of 5 possible points!

Best rating from, the world's largest download library!

"We can highly recommend Password Depot to anyone who wants to securely and reliably store their password information."

Internet Magazine

Top grade from Internet Magazine, issue 04/05 for Password Depot 2!


Top Note 1.9 from PC WELT, issue 04/05 for Password Depot 2!


Note Very good of com!, Issue 03/05 for Password Depot 2!


Best possible rating from WebAttack!

Best possible rating from the ZDNet editorial!

PC Professionell

Note Good (operation Excellent) from PC PROFESSIONELL, 03/05!

Rated 5 stars at SnapFiles

Best possible rating from SnapFiles!

Computer Easy

Top rating from ComputerEasy.


Password Depot on TV with Jörg Schieb!


Best possible rating from the SoftPedia editorial team!


Top rating from!


Best possible rating from Shareware River!

The File Transit

Best possible rating of Filetransit!


PC Welt: " Password Depot Professional 1.5 made an excellent overall impression in the test "

Best possible rating from!

Top Download Award

Password Depot receives from the "Top Download Award".