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The Password Server For Your Team

Password Depot Server

Password Depot Server is a password server that allows users to centrally manage and jointly use their passwords and other private information.

The server module is the ideal complement to the main program of Password Depot (also called “Client”): Every user needs a client and can thereby access the server module on which are stored the jointly used passwords files.


The server module can be installed on any computer accessible by all clients via an IP address. The module may be installed as NT Service or as Windows Application. In both cases, Password Depot Server does not have a user interface, does not interact with the desktop and uses only a minimal amount of system resources.


On the server module, the team’s password files are centrally stored. Furthermore, the module serves to create and manage all of the team members that may access the files.

Having created all files and users on the server, the administrator determines the scope in which single users may access the files. For instance, you are able to determine that some team members may only read a certain file whereas others may also modify it. Furthermore, the administrator can group the users and thereby grant access rights to several team members at once.

The same file may be simultaneously accessed by several users.

The Administrator is able to define security guidelines for the passwords of the server files and may access detailed usage protocols.Passwort-Server

Interplay With Clients

By means of the main program Password Depot (Client), a user is able to open the password files stored on the server. Additionally, the client offers the possibility to use password files stored at other locations, such as the local hard drive or the Cloud.

If a user would like to open a shared passwords file via the server module, he logs into the server by means of his client, indicating IP address, port, user name and password. Having successfully logged on, the user may open all those files for which the administrator had granted him access rights.

In order to access the server, users need a licensed full version of Password Depot. You may not use the server module with the client’s freeware version.


In order to licence Password Depot Server, you first of all need to determine the number of prospective users. With regards to Password Depot Server, the “number of users” corresponds to the number of users who access the server simultaneously.

The number of users that may generally be created on the server is unlimited.

If the server module is simultaneously used by a maximum of three users, you may download and use it for free.

If the server module is simultaneously used by more than three users, you need to purchase a server license. This license is offered on a scaled basis: It starts with six users and goes up to an unlimited number of users.

Licensing Examples

In the following, we provide you with several examples outlining the relation between user numbers and required licenses.

2 users need:

  • Password Depot (Client): 2 licenses
  • Password Depot Server: free version

5 users need: Server

  • Password Depot (Client): 5 licenses
  • Password Depot Server: license for 6 users

14 users need:

  • Password Depot (Client): 14 licenses
  • Password Depot Server: license for 25 users

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