Password Server for businesses

Password Depot ServerPassword Depot Enterprise Server lets the companies centrally manage, administer and share passwords, access data and documents. You decide down to the smallest detail what access rights a user is granted, what folders or entries s/he can view or, for example, what kind of activities should be tracked.

The data exchange between the clients and the Enterprise Server is encrypted with 256-bit AES. The connection between the server and the clients takes place over TCP/IP or optionally with certificates and SSL/TLS.

Die Vorteile des Servers für Ihr Unternehmen

Thanks to the intuitive, user-friendly interface of Password Depot, all employees will be able to start working with the program within a short period of time and without expensive and time-consuming training.

When do you need the Enterprise Server

You need the Enterprise Server if you no longer want to share the company's passwords and access data among your employees via email, spreadsheets or notes and if you want to assign them via secure, centralized databases in a controlled and logged manner instead. You need the Enterprise Server if you want to ensure that the eligible employees have access to the necessary data and documents at any time and from everywhere. You also need the Enterprise Server if you want to ensure that the access data at your company is protected with highly secure and virtually bulletproof passwords in the future.

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