Functional overview of the Enterprise Server

Use the power of Password Depot – now in the team! Here you will find an overview of the main features that are also available when using the Enterprise Server.

Centralized team databases Use the databases together with the authorized team members
Departments and groups Divide your users in clearly arranged departments and groups
Detailed rights management Assign permissions for databases, database folders or individual entries
Data record history Log all the changes of a single data record
Notification system Get notifications about events, such as for example the access to an entry
Encrypted connection (256-bit AES) The data exchange between the Enterprise Server and the clients is always encrypted with 256-bit AES
Certificates and SSL/TLS connection Install certificates and use an SSL/TLS connection (optionally)
Mobile devices Access the server using mobile devices in addition to the PC and Mac Edition
Password policies Define company-wide password policies
Active Directory Link the server with your existing AD structure
Disabling the view of passwords As an option, you can also protect the entries making them usable for the users but disabling their view
Offline mode Allow the users to use databases in offline mode (optionally)
Automatic backups Generate automatic backups for any targets
Reporting Detailed reporting about important events
Logs Log all activities of the server and your users
Data import and export Import or export your databases via the client
Database Wizards Automatic generation of new databases or assigning existing ones to users and groups.