Our customers are enthusiastic - you can become it, too!

Password Depot was best in test in all comparative tests by well-known German specialist journals. But what's even more important to us: our customers' feedback also bears witness to the popularity of our product.

That's the difference between Password Depot and free, freeware, open source and other common password managers!

Andreas Falk

Passwort Depot offers exactly those functions which I expect a good password managing software to have. And the best thing about it: The price-performance ratio is simply right here!

Kai Rosenboom

Password Depot is for me by far the best tool for easy and secure management of many passwords on the PC at the moment. Many of my customers use the product successfully as well.

Jörg Eckerskorn

One of the few tools I regularly use, which runs correctly and is really useful!

After searching for a tool for a long time, I have finally found what I needed with Password Depot because I can manage all my passwords in a secure manner and everything is clearly arranged. I am very pleased that I purchased this product!

In the age of modern cyber crime it was important for us to get our customer passwords to an even higher level of security. With Password Depot we have found the solution

Password Depot is a great product which helps me to manage my passwords easily and securely, to create new and secure passwords in seconds and is a must have in everyday Internet life.

Dr. Alexander Müllner-Gilli, Mödling, Austria, says:

Password Depot is an excellent tool for managing your own passwords. Organisation, overview and automatic completion of user names and passwords make Passwort Deport indispensable!

Torsten Blaus, SZMF GmbH, Salzgitter, Germany, www.szmf.de, says:

Password Depot is super: It is easy to handle and generates secure passwords. The handling of passwords has improved a lot in our company thanks to Passwort Depot.

Oliver Grasl, transentis consulting GmbH & Co. KG, Wiesbaden, Germany, www.transentis.com, says:

Passwort Depot makes it possible in a easy way to manage the plethora of passwords which is common today easily and conveniently- every day!

Dr. Guido Quanz, Managing Partner EuromedClinic, Fürth, Germany, www.euromed.de, says:

The ideal password manager on the go which also in terms of security and additional features is far ahead of its competitors.

Markus Rotter, Salzburg, Austria, says:

The program can be used intuitively and easily. No training period is necessary. Passwords are managed securely. I would not want to do without Password Depot.

With Password Depot I have all my passwords available in a well-arranged way and there is also the possibility to access the password file via FTP from a server everywhere.

Password Depot for me is both at work and in private life a daily little helper which I would not want to do without.

Customers of our advertising agency can rely on our care concerning the handling of their (access) data. PWD offers maximum security for handling confidential data while being easy to handle.

Password Depot for me is an absolutely indispensable daily utility. Just because of this software I tend to only use hard passwords and never assign the same password twice.

Ralf-André Winopal

The program is recommendedable in every way. It is easy to use and allows to save and execute the program to and from an USB device. Easy fast intuitive.

At the beginning I was very skeptical about 'depot solutions' for passwords. But now, I can't imagine working without Password Depot. An abolute 'must have' product.

Peter Hampf, Vechta, Germany, says:

More and more software products are web-based and available for everybody. To protect company data as well as personal data the use of Password Depot is vital.

In my role as a web designer and ISP provider hundreds of passwords and access codes are needed every day. Therefore Password Depot has become one of my most important managing programs.

I am absolutely satisfied with Password Depot. I have been looking for something comparable for a long time, but it can't be better.

There is simply nothing comparable which is so user-friendly.

Recommandable program. As an IT executive I wouldn't want to do without it.

S. Storch, Lippstadt, Germany, says:

If you want to use really secure passwords (and you are obliged to do so by e.g. banks and internet shops!), you won't get around Passwort Depot.

Gerd Winter, Bad Schlema, Germany, says:

Comfort is...to have to remember only one password and to have the certainty that all your passwords are save and can be accessed worldwide.

One password for all applications and for my personalized and partly chargeable accesses in the Internet seems grossly negligent to me - Passwort Depot is a reasonable alternative for me.

Dr. Erich Striedl, Michendorf, Germany, says:

Nowadays one has to wotk with lots of passwords. To use the program Password Depot for this is a good choice and can only be recommended!

My documents were in utter chaos as remembering lots of user names and passwords was nerve-wracking. Remembering one password as opposed to approx. 47 is an enormous relief.

Finally a secure and uncomplicated software! Simply great!

Wolfgang Kühl, Hennstedt, Germany, www.internet-experte.com, says:

Very convenient: Finally only one password to remember and all the others (ebay, forums, etc.) can -no matter how crytical- be simply inserted with a mouse click. In addition, you can carry it around with you on your USB. Access from anywhere - just phantastic! 

Ralf Hönicke, Braunschweig, Germany, www.hoetech.de, says:

If you are looking for a secure, reliable and easy-to-use program for protecting and managing your passwords, you will make the right choice with Password Depot.

Dirk Ebert, Aachen, Germany, www.sonictravellers.com, says:

Password Depot can be used intuitively, manages passwords & log-ins securely. The auto-complete function facilitates daily work for users. Meanwhile Password Depot has become one of my favourite tools.

Thomas Lego, Kornwestheim, Germany, says:

Easy-to-use, secure creation of random passwords and with the top bar perfectly integrated into the work routine! Keep it up.

The best I ever had! Finally I can create really secure passwords really securely. With Passwort Depot on a USB device I always have my passwords with me.

Marian Baston, Witten, Germany, says:

Highly recommendable! Clearly arranged, tidy and a good interface. Especially the sophisticated printing function facilitates makes it easier for me to use while in the company. For smaller companies simply a MUST HAVE!

Wolfgang Arlt, Taucha, Germany, says:

Password Depot is a great program which should not be missing on any computer!

I am an absolute fan of the toolbar mode and the possibility to complete all fields at once with one click. The TANS which can be added to any account, round off the software.

Vladi Jordan, Wien, Austria, says:

Passwort Depot has helped us to increase the security of our infrastructure considerably. In addition, it has made a contribution to simplifying some working processes.