Ten reasons for choosing Password Depot!

With Password Depot, which has won numeorus comparative tests, you need only one password for all your confidential data. But there are more reasons to rely on Password Depot:

 1. More security

Password Depot protects your passwords from key-loggers, clipboard viewe rs and other spyware. Even if your computer may be infected with such "vermin", your data is safer than with any other password manager!

In addition, Password Depot encrypts your password lists with the Rijndael 256 algorithm, which is yet uncracked and, according to current standards, the most secure method of encrypting data on a PC!

 2. More test winnings

Since 2007, Password Depot has been best in test in all comparative tests by the most important German technical magazines!

No other password safe, whether freeware, OpenSource or commercial from any other developer can show comparably impressive results.

 3. More flexibility

Make your own choice where to store your password files:

  • On your local system
  • On a USB device
  • On the Internet
  • On your local network
  • On your mobile phone (Android, Windows Mobile and iPhone)

 4. More functions

Use the numerous new functions and detail improvements to manage your passwords with more fun and higher productivity.

Thanks to the feedback of more than 250.000 users all over the world we were able to develop this secure, powerful and reliable software.

 5. More convenience

Our software provides security, takes work off your shoulders and gives you more freedom.

In Password Depot this was, for example, achieved through password recognition. The program automatically finds the correct password that belongs to a website, preselects it and fills in a website form (Internet Explorer and Firefox only).

 6. More individuality

Every user has his own needs. That is why Password Depot allows individual settings.

Starting from customized fields, which help you to add your own fields to the database.

In addition, you can use the many program options to indivually configure your program.

 7. More information

Password Depot allows you to store important data. In addition to creating custom fields and storing encrypted files, there are four new types of entries:

  • Credit card
  • EC card
  • Software license
  • Identity
  • Information
  • Encrypted file

 8.More quality

Make sure that the quality of your passwords meets all the requirements!

Password Depot provides a Password Generator to generate complicated passwords by only one mouse-click.

In addition you can check the quality of your passwords. New and intelligent algorithms check the passwords employed and alert you in case of "weak" passwords.

 9. More users

Do you want to allow several users to access a password file on your local network? This is no problem with the server module!

Install the server module on any Windows PC in your local network and assign the necessary rights to users who have access to the module.

 10. More less

Password Depot can do a lot of different things, but it is also able to hide them.

If you do not need the sophisticated functions and tools of the program you can simply hide them. The Beginner Mode will turn the Password Depot into a compact password manager.